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About Lincoln College of Law

To play an effective role as a prudent citizen, to participate in the process of initiations formulation of policies, decision-making and development, the knowledge of law is important. There is a need to promote and spread the knowledge of law by providing legal education and improving its standards, which will go a long way in assuring better administration of Justice. Speaking about the need of adequate number of Law colleges in the country, a Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India, comprising of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Kuldip Sing and Hon’ble Justice K.S. Paripooman, observed:

The explosion in population, the vast changes brought about by scientific, technological and other developments, and all round enlarged field of human activity reflected in modern society, and the consequent increase in litigation in courts and other forums demand that the services of competent persons with expertise in law is required in many stages and at different forums or levels and should be made available. The need for a continuing and well-organized legal education is absolutely essential reckoning the new trends in the world, to meet the ever-growing challenges. The requirement of such a great dimension, that sizeable or vast number of dedicated persons should be properly trained in different branches of Law; every year, by providing or rendering competent and proper legal education. This is possible only if adequate number of Law Colleges with proper infrastructure including expertise law teachers and staff are establisher to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner.

In a democratic polity governed by rule of law, it should be the main concern of the State, to have a proper legal system. The Constitution of India, under Art. 39 A, imposes an obligation on the State to provide free legal aid to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic and other disabilities. Achievement of his objective possible only by promoting legal education.

Recognising and realizing the significance of these observations of the Hon’ble Judges of the Supreme Court of India, Lincoln College of Law, Sirhind has been established to provide better facilities for standard Legal education.

We, at Lincoln College of Law, besides providing classroom teaching, by some of the top experts in the field, lay considerable emphasis on intensive practical training to produce good ‘gentleman lawyers’, Jurists and Legal Experts capable of handling not only contemporary litigation but also competent to provide counseling and meet the legal needs of the national as well as trans-national corporate houses. Moot Court competitions, apprenticeship in various governmental and non-governmental organizations, seminars, special personalities, Judges, Jurists, Lawyers and others on regular basis is a special feature of activities at Lincoln College of Law, Our students participate in moot court competitions not only in India but even in foreign countries.

Well-equipped library with important journals in print as well as on line backed by adequate computer facilities, supported by well trained Librarian and technical staff is unique feature.

For holistic personality development, sports and extra-curricular activities would be organized, besides providing the facility of modern physical fitness equipment for ensuring well being of the students.

LINCOLN COLLEGE OF LAW, with its well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, will endeavor to provide not only best legal education but will also sharpen the skills to produce best alumni who would be able to fulfill their fundamental duty to strive towards excellence in all spheres so that the nation constantly rises to higher level of endeavour and achievement.

I feel great pleasure to welcome you to LINCOLN COLLEGE OF LAW for the fulfillment of your aspirations and goals.

Dr. V.K. Bansal LL.M., PhD. FICA
Professor Emeritus, P.U.,
Academic Advisor